We highly recommend Jack from G.O.A.T. Creative Studio

We highly recommend Jack from G.O.A.T. Creative Studio. He won me over with his sincere personality. To top it off, his honesty is a huge plus point. Jack provides cost effective advice and is not at all opportunistic in getting his clients to spend unnecessarily. Oh, what a breath of fresh air this is that we’re experiencing!

On the professional side, Jack is quick to provide solutions and suggestions. The reno was a breeze for us since we’re in such good and steady hands. Jack realised that we faced a technical difficulty during the site visit after getting our keys, which could not be discovered from the floor plan. He maintained level-headed and provided solutions swiftly. This quality of his is a preview of the good work we can expect, way ahead of its completion.

His help rendered on getting our bathroom accessories, lighting, cooker hood and hob and last minute mirror purchase alleviated the reno stress from us. The quality of the carpentry exceeded our expectation, even the inside of our wardrobes looks immaculate. Regular run off the mill standard is not what you get with G.O.A.T Creative.

Jack and his assistant, Weijie are responsive to our requests and queries. Nothing is missed out or overlooked with them. Assurance in follow up and quality in the reno outcome is what we enjoyed with this wonderful reno experience. We can’t ask for more when we have professionals with solid ideas to handle the technicalities topped with personalities to die for.

A huge shout out to Jack and his trustworthy assistant, Weijie. We’re truly blessed to have found this gem of an ID!

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